Dunedin Housesit

Three weeks in Dunedin turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. From museums to excellent food, we had a great time exploring the city and minding Nathaniel the cat!

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Hamner Springs

With a free week between our Christchurch and Dunedin house sits we decided to spend a few days up at Hamner Springs.

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Wamboin, NSW: Mar 11-Apr 1
Bayview, Sydney: Apr 1-Oct 31
Mosman, Sydney, Australia: Jun 12-Jul 15
Waiheke Island, NZ: Jul 17-Aug 26
Noosa, Australia: Sep 28-Oct 16

Global Wanderers

Lifetime adventure travellers, Christopher & Andrew love wandering the globe, meeting others and 'living like a local'.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersFebruary 18, 2019
It’s been a EAT, PRAY, LOVE kind of a weekend.
EAT...great food
PRAY... the weather continues to be as beautiful as it has been the last 3 weeks and LOVE... everything India has to offer. It’s an incredible country. #eatpraylove #incredibleindia #love #food #tumericlatte #pancakes #roulade #organicfood #santespa #tienpune #almondandcoconut #foodlovers
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersFebruary 17, 2019
This may look like a regular cup of coffee but this is like striking gold here in Pune, India. We found this at a restaurant called ‘Tien’ and as a bonus you get an Anzac biscuit with each coffee!
#lovemycoffee #coffee #coffeeinpune #coffeeshop #likegold #struckgold #anzacbiscuits
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersFebruary 14, 2019
With the massive amounts of unruly traffic in India we found it quite amusing that in our local park there is a large billboard with all the road traffic signs for people to learn. There is also a track through the park where the signs are strategically place as practical examples. I don’t think any Indian drivers have ever taken note of these signs. It’s the survival of the most bold and pushy when driving here.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersFebruary 13, 2019
There are some very clever dogs here in Pune, India. If they go to visit their doggie neighbours they must ring the door bell to enter the property. #doorbell #ringthedoorbell #pune #koregaonparkpune #dogs #cleverdogs #funny
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersFebruary 12, 2019
Chai time! I like to stop by the Chai stand each morning. Sometimes meeting a ‘Mr Singh’ that likes to chat about all things Indian inc politics. He is not a fan of the current Prime Minister Mr Modi. But it’s very interesting to hear a local perspective of life here in India. #indialife #chai #chaitime #morningrituals #dailylife #iphonex #iphonephotography #iphonephotographer
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