Dunedin Housesit

Dunedin Housesit

Three weeks in Dunedin turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. From museums to excellent food, we had a great time exploring the city and minding Nathaniel the cat!

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Hamner Springs

Hamner Springs

With a free week between our Christchurch and Dunedin house sits we decided to spend a few days up at Hamner Springs.

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Bayview, Sydney: Aug 25-Sept 27
Noosa, Australia: Sep 27-Oct 17
Bayview, Sydney: Oct 17-Oct 22
Wangaratta, Victoria: Oct 22-Nov 9
Auckland, NZ: Dec 19-Dec 27
Waiheke Island, NZ: Dec 27-Jan 6
Hataitai, New Zealand: Jan 6-Jan 22
Upper Hutt, NZ
: Feb 1-Mar 3rd
Mt Tamborine, Qld, Australia: Mar 25-May 8
Banff, Canada: May15 – June 7

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