Welcome to Global Wanderers!  Andrew and Christopher, originally from Sydney, love wandering the globe and exploring different cultures.  The more they travel, the more they realise that people are essentially the same the world over.

Their first trip together was in 2005 and since then they’ve travelled regularly and have visited six out of the seven continents (Antartica is still on the list).  During these travels they have experienced some pretty amazing things and met some wonderful people, many of whom have become good friends.

Andrew and Christopher tend to travel “off the beaten path” and have often travelled with Intrepid Travel as it suits their style. When asked why they haven’t travelled a lot in Europe, their response is “We’re leaving the easy stuff to last”.

Apart from their love of travel, Andrew and Christopher are also fans of the TV program, The Amazing Race and have participated in a number of urban adventure races.  Other interests include geocaching, escape rooms and theatre.  Christopher is a keen photographer and Andrew loves yoga.

In May 2016, they decided to pack up all their belongings and hit the road full-time, beginning by house sitting across New Zealand.  After four months, they love their newly discovered lifestyle and are continuing to house sit across the globe.  As both Andrew and Christopher work online, they consider themselves “citizens of the world” and as long as they have internet, they can work from anywhere whilst also keeping in touch with friends and family.

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