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Lifetime adventure travellers, Christopher & Andrew love wandering the globe, meeting others and 'living like a local'.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 17, 2022
Sydney, Australia
Home 🥰
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 16, 2022
Vancouver, British Columbia
We’ve had a fantastic time in Canada. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly during our 6 weeks here. Andrew decided to share the love around with a few of the locals 😉
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 15, 2022
Douglas Guest House
We are staying in the inner city suburb of Mt Pleasant, Vancouver, in a large home called ‘Douglas Guesthouse’. (the first photo) It is a beautiful Edwardian home that is typical in this part of the city. The other photos here are of various homes that caught our eye as we walked around the surrounding streets. #douglasguesthouse #vancouver #mtpleasant
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 15, 2022
Granville Island Ferries
We headed into the city from the Granville Island Markets but needed to cross the river by ferry. What we didn’t expect was the ‘ferry’ was only the size of an oversized bathtub! It seats only 12 passengers and the whole trip took a total of 4 minutes 😳
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 14, 2022
Granville Island Market
Now who doesn’t like a great food market?
Today we went to the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver and WOW 😮 what an assortment of fantastic foods available. One that really caught our eye was the Australian Wagyu 9+ for CAD$242.00 per kilo. 😳 That makes for a very expensive home cooked meal! However there were plenty other offerings for more reasonable prices.
#granvilleislandmarkets #Vancouver #markets #wagyubeef
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersMay 13, 2022
Banff, Alberta
A sad day today as we leave our house sit in Banff and the beautiful Tia. We are heading to Vancouver for a few days before heading back home to Sydney.
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