Several people have asked us why we chose Mexico, especially when the media has many stories about its dangers and drug problems.  However, after seeing the Mexican pavilion at World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, we put Mexico high on the list of places to visit.  The video presentation (see below) in the pavilion was amazing and we returned three times to watch it.  Willy Sousa was commissioned by the Mexican Tourist Authority to travel the country and capture the people. He did this for eight years and captured footage in very high definition.  He then compiled a series of videos to promote the country. México en Tus Sentidos (Mexico in your senses) gave us a taste of the country and we look forward to exploring more!

Then, during our tour in Egypt we travelled with Ross from Canada who told us how wonderful Mexico was and in particular Oaxaca (a city in Central Mexico famous for its food and chocolate chilli).  Many discussions were had about what we could do and see and where we could stay etc.  This truly had us excited and we then planned in Dec 2011 to travel to Mexico.

After speaking with Ross and doing some research we thought it was best to try and learn a bit of Spanish.  We enrolled in an 8 week Spanish course starting in August.  Here’s hoping some of it set in – time will tell.  We do have our phones with Spanish dictionaries however if we do get stuck and am sure childhood charades will come in handy if all else fails.

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