100 Days in Paradise

We have been on the road for 100 days. To celebrate, we created a video story of ‘some’ of our adventures. Who knows where the next 100 days will lead us?

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Dunedin Housesit

Three weeks in Dunedin turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. From museums to excellent food, we had a great time exploring the city and minding Nathaniel the cat!

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Hamner Springs

With a free week between our Christchurch and Dunedin house sits we decided to spend a few days up at Hamner Springs.

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Our next house sit starts in








Palm Springs, USA: Aug 27-Sep 15
Erie, Pennsylvania USA: Sep 18-Oct 17
Ajijic, Mexico: Nov 18-Dec 25
Camperdown, Sydney, Australia: Apr 25-Jun 8

Global Wanderers

Lifetime adventure travellers, Christopher & Andrew love wandering the globe, meeting others and 'living like a local'.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersSeptember 20, 2017
Leaving Buffalo heading to Erie, Pennsylvania. Our first greyhound bus experience.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersSeptember 19, 2017
We popped over to Canada to get a coffee and a better view of Niagara Falls. Would definitely suggest anyone going to Niagara to make the effort to cross the Rainbow Bridge into Canada, a far better view and selection of places to eat than the American side.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersSeptember 18, 2017
Whilst taking a walk around our neighbourhood in Buffalo we came across this very patriotic house blazoned in red, white and blue. Make America Great...again!
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersSeptember 17, 2017
We are now in Buffalo, New York. Today we toured the Frank Lloyd Wright designed "Martin House Complex". An architectural masterpiece completed in 1907.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersSeptember 16, 2017
Yet another "only in America" discovery.
1: Poker machines in Las Vegas Airport.
2: Doggie Relief Toilets in the airport terminal.
3: Just a lot of Southwest Airplanes

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