Dunedin Housesit

Three weeks in Dunedin turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. From museums to excellent food, we had a great time exploring the city and minding Nathaniel the cat!

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Hamner Springs

With a free week between our Christchurch and Dunedin house sits we decided to spend a few days up at Hamner Springs.

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Riding the buses

As we pulled into the bus station we were greeted with many Sri Lankan men running around shouting out to encourage us to purchase their wares. We declined and climbed aboard our bus which was taking us to Polonnaruwa. It was to be a four hour journey - one that we...

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Our trip to America starts in








Mt Tamborine, QLD: May 1-Jun 28
Bayview, Sydney: Jun 28-Aug 27
Palm Springs, USA: Aug 27-Sep 15
Erie, Pennsylvania USA: Sep 18-Oct 15
Ajijic, Mexico: Nov 18-Dec 25

Global Wanderers

Lifetime adventure travellers, Christopher & Andrew love wandering the globe, meeting others and 'living like a local'.
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersJuly 24, 2017
Doing some statistics of our time on the road and came up with this which is current as of now!
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersJuly 13, 2017
Pretty amazing footage in this trailer of the feature docco AWAKEN!
Global Wanderers
AWAKEN Trailer 4K
AWAKEN is a feature documentary film from director Tom Lowe exploring humanity's relationship with technology and the natural world. http://awaken.film https...
Global Wanderers
Global WanderersJuly 10, 2017
Beautiful morning for a walk to Church Point!
Global Wanderers

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