Well it is now Monday evening (December 26) and are on our way home after another day of shopping (at the sales so you just have to buy things when they are on special) followed by a movie in town. We saw Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger (he was in it, not sitting next to us!) Along with the mobile phone calls and people going out mid movie to buy drinks and munchies it was a good film!!!

Christmas Day has been and gone and it certainly won't be a Christmas we will forget. We awoke late and had breakfast of French Toast (cooked by Christopher) and then exchanged presents (we had split up for an hour or so on Christmas eve to shop for each other). We then went to Bryant Park Grill which was a lovely restaurant in mid town (near the library). After our entree Andrew said he felt faint and the next thing I know, he was unconcious at the table. A nearby diner (who turned out to be a registered nurse from New Zealand) helped me lay Andrew on the ground for him to recover. The manager called for an ambulance and before we knew it the poice had arrived and cleared the surrounding diners to make way for the ambulance (by the way, Andrew had awoken by this stage). A short trip to NYU Hospital (complete with throwing up in the back of the ambulance) found us in Emergency (nothing like ER), tests done and once Andrew could drink 2 cups of liquid and eat 3 crackers he was allowed to go! Prognosis: faint, possibly caused by overheating and also possibility of reaction to something Andrew ate in the entree). It was a quick stay but nevertheless enabled us to see all aspects of New York!!! We were both disappointed there were no sirens on the way to the hospital (we like dramatics!!)

Last Saturday we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty which was most enjoyable. The security to get on the ferry and then into the statue involved removing watches, belts, coats, pocket contents as well as being scanned and photographed. Once this ordeal was over the monument and the museum presentation was excellent. Following this we visited Ground Zero which was quite moving. We didn't take photos as we didn't feel it appropriate. But in good US spirit, we then went shopping at Century 21 (a huge discount department store of famous brand names) directly across the road from Ground Zero. The crowds were unbelievable but bargains were a plenty!! A short walk down Wall Street which is now closed to through traffic (past the police with automatic machine guns at the ready) and then onto South Street Seaport ticket office where we got tickets to Hairspray for that evening. It was a fun show with no plot but lots of singing and dancing (it was a musical!!) and it took us to interval to work out that the actor playing the mother was actually a guy!!!

Tomorrow morning we head off to Las Vegas early (9.30am flight) where we will be for the next four days and then back to New York with a long list of things to do on our return including seeing Wicked, museums, harbour cruise and visit to mayoral residence (Gracie mansion)!! Hi to everybody and hoping your Christmas was festive!!!

Post Note – Andrew is fine so don't worry – a good sleep and lots of liquids means he is able to continue to shop!!!

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