Well we arrived in NYC after an nearly eight hour flight from London.  The security at London was rather unbelievable with thorough questioning about repairs to battery operated equipment, checking of liquids being carried on board, scanning of shoes and bags and then at the boarding gate, a full body frisk and bag search!!

It was raining upon arrival and as we headed to our hotel we sent out the intention that our hotel would be fabulous as we had read reviews online that there were rats in the room!!  Our angels were looking after us as the hotel is in an ideal location (2 blocks to Times Square) and the room is quiet, very clean, big enough with a great bathroom.  And breakfast is included and our eyes lit up as we saw bananas were for the taking.  We both thought that it must be a rich hotel if they can afford bananas and then realised that American bananas probably don't come from Australia!!
Our body clocks are a little out of whack – travelling to 3 continents within a week has done that!  However we have been out and about and already seen our first show – The Drowsy Chaperone!  We saw Woman in White in the same theatre last year and like the theatre as there seems to be more room than in others!  The show was very clever and very well performed.  We had an understudy for the lead role but he was brilliant.  We both thought he looked familiar and at the end of the show it dawned on us that he looked like a friend, Paul Geddes!!
Yesterday we aquainted ourselves with the big apple again.  We went to the tourist information centre to collect theatre vouchers although this year you had to ask for them rather than just picking them up off the counter.  We also got our metro card and went to Macy's to look at the Christmas decorations and despite there not being a great selection, we managed to find a few things to add to our collections.  We also went to Barnes and Noble (bookstore) and ordered a book for Andrew on Cirque du Soleil.  Since we had so many things to purchase we decided to join the Barnes and Noble Club so will be returning there for additional shopping before we leave.
Starbucks is still alive and well and we are visiting our regulars from last visit.  At the moment Christopher is getting his ipod looked at as it keeps freezing when we try to backup our photos and the free internet connection provided in the Apple store just couldn't be resisted.  We had visited yesterday but it was sooooooo crowded we couldn't get near a support person so have returned early this morning on our way to Central Park for some photos and caching.  We then plan on going to CBS television to pick up some merchandise for two of our favourite shows – Lost and Amazing Race!! 
We hope to be updating this site again soon so keep checking!!  Hope all is well.

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