We are now in Queenstown, having left Milford Sound where we spent the last two days.  Whilst the weather wasn’t the best with rain and clouds, we got to experience this beautiful part of New Zealand.  We travelled from Invercargill to Milford via Te Anua which was a good four hour drive with many stops along the way to look at the scenery.  We passed through the Homer Tunnel (over 1km in length) and descended into Milford with waterfalls gushing and the rain coming down.

That afternoon we joined three other people on a kayak trip on the sound and walked 7 kms of the famous Milford Track.  Sand flies are vicious in this part of the world but our guide, Blake, was very informative, pointing out how the Maoris used the different plants for medicinal, nutritional and shelter purposes.  Over 14,000 people walk the Milford Track each season (Oct-Apr) and it usually takes 4 days and 3 nights to complete.

This morning (Sunday) we awoke to a clearer day and we had booked on an early morning 4 hour kayak trip on the sound.  After preparing which included sand fly repellent, thermal tops and bottoms, a fleece jumper and a wind jacket we paddled up the Southern end of the fiord, across the middle and back down the Northern end.  Despite torrential rain at times we saw penguins and seals and took in the beauty of this amazing spot.

We were due to stay another night in Milford but decided to press onto Queenstown where we will be stationed for the next three days.  This is the adventure capital of the world so are collecting flyers and deciding between bungee jumping, canyon swinging, luge riding, jetboat riding, skydiving and white water rafting!!!  Stay tuned for recounts of some of these activities!!

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