Well, here we are again at Apple after another full day so far.  This morning we went and collected our washing and then went to Barnes and Noble to finally collect the book Andrew had ordered a week ago – so much for the two day turn around!!  We then headed downtown to South Street Seaport to get some tickets for tonight as we are going to a show with Naomi.  We got tickets to Grey Gardens which should be interesting.  We then headed uptown after visiting Strand Books which is one of, if not the largest second hand bookshop in the world.  We had seen a story on TV in Australia about this place called Bamn! which is a modern day Automat (referred to in Annie the musical).  It is a fast food joint where you put coins in the slot and then you open a little window and get your food.  We had chicken nuggets and a toasted cheese sandwich and they guy also gave us a sample of fries!!  Quite an interesting concept and they say one is coming to Australia.  Since we were in the area we then headed to Magnolia Bakery which was made famous by Sex in the City and is often compared to My Little Cupcake in Neutral Bay. 

Last night we saw the musical Spring Awakening which is the next big thing happening on Broadway apparently.  Naomi had mentioned it to us and after losing a voucher we had for it, getting another and then going to the theatre twice, we finally decided to see it last night.  And we were not disappointed.  It is a teenage coming of age type musical with a great score and storyline that is both funny and moving.  The cast are performing at the Virgin  store in Times Square tomorrow afternoon so will probably go there to see them as well and get our CD signed!!!
We caught a movie yesterday in the 25 cinema complex near Times Square which still puzzles us how it all connects as the place of entry is no where near where you see the movie or exit the building.  Despite having no choc tops (are these only an Australian thing?) we enjoyed Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller.  It was so cool to see the museum, having visited there last year.  A nice feel good movie, it was the biggest box office movie last weekend in the US.
Tomorrow we are off to the Brooklyn Museum and then probably Coney Island.  It is anticipated to be only three or four degress tomorrow so the heatwave of the weekend has certainly disappeared.
Our friends Chris and Mick are leaving New York tomorrow for Vancouver to continue the rest of their trip, we hope to catch up with them this afternoon before they leave.
Well thats all from NYC today. More updates soon.

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