Well it is Friday morning here and we are back at Apple using the free internet.  We have had quite a busy few days although I think our travels are catching up with us – we are both needing to nap in the afternoon and yesterday, that nap became our nightly sleep!!  The weather in New York is extremely warm and sometimes a jacket is not even needed.  If we don't get snow by tomorrow (Saturday), it will be the latest time in the winter that they haven't had snow in the city.  The forecast is for snow showers next Tuesday so here's hoping we get some before we leave for Orlando.

Yesterday we caught up with Chris and Mick (2 school principals from Sydney who Andrew works with and Christopher walked the Camino with) and went to Ellis Island which is where the immigrants were processed up until 1954.  It was very interesting day and enjoyed it.  We then returned to Times Square in search of theatre tickets.  We bought tickets for Spelling Bee (Sunday night), Tarzan (Wednesday night) and Beauty and the Beast (Thursday night).
Today we are planning on catching up with Chris and Mick again to do a free tour around Grand Central Terminal.  This afternoon we are planning to meet Naomi (Australian) who is living in NYC.  Andrew did Les Mis and Stepping Out with her at Riverside so will be great to catch up.
On Wednesday night we saw The Vertical Hour with Bill Nighy (singer in Love Actually) and Julianne Moore (The Hours).  It was a political drama and very well done with a huge life sized oak tree in the middle of the stage!
Great to read that the Aussies won the test series 5-0 as we don't hear much Aussie news here!
More soon!

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