Hi All

It is now about three and half hours until midnight which will mean New Years Day for us here. We have just finished dinner (the biggest pizza known to man) after seeing The Producers. As we walked past a newsagent, we noticed that the Sydney New Year Celebrations/Fireworks made the front page, complete with picture of the bridge in all its splendour. During our flights we have commented what a wonderful city Sydney is and it looks as though everyone in the world thinks the same things!!!

The other exciting news is SNOW!!! On our way from apartment to the movie, detouring via Starbucks (of course) it began snowing!! It was great to walk along in the snow storm, especially with stories of it being so hot back home!! It started to settle but by the time we had come out of the movies, it had stopped! 🙁 🙁 We are hoping it will snow overnight so when we wake up we will have snow outside!!!

A lazy day today – we think we are still recovering from Las Vegas!!! Hope there aren't too many sore heads for you today after your New Years Eve celebrations!!! We won't be in Times Square (rain and crowds kepts us away) but will no doubt celebrate somehow!!!!

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