We are now in Auckland and completed the first stage of our journey to Mexico.  We will stay here tonight and fly onto Los Angeles and then Mexico City tomorrow evening so we have a day or so to further explore the capital of one of our favourite countries – NZ!

We have also had our first experience in BUSINESS CLASS after we received a free upgrade.  WOW!  The extra room was certainly appreciated and they give you real cutlery and tablecloths and serviettes that you don’t have to extract from plastic!!  The flight was very enjoyable and the seat was more like a dental chair than an airplane seat with buttons to allow you to move the seat in every direction.  The only down side was that the entertainment system got turned off 5 minutes before our movie finished.  The movie was called ‘The Way’ and is about a father (played by Martin Sheen) who walks the camino scattering the ashes of his recently deceased son (the same walk Christopher did in 2005).  A truly moving film – we only wish we got to see the end!!  Look out for it as it hasn’t been released in Australia as yet.  A couple of inspirational quotes from the movie (or what we have seen so far) are:

You don’t choose a life, you live it!
You can’t learn about the world through books – you have to get out and see it!

That’s it for now.  More again soon.

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