Well, we’re off on our adventure.  Less than a week to go with bags to be packed and final cleaning up at home to be done.  Throw in Christmas and end of year and things are a little hectic.  We depart on December 26th and return January 26th.  We fly from Sydney to Hong Kong (2 days) then onto London (4 days) and then to New York (12 days).  Orlando, Florida is our next stop (5 days) followed by Las Vegas (3 days) and onto San Fransisco (5 days) before heading home to Sydney.  The map above shows our travel route!

We will be spending New Year’s Eve in London and have also booked tickets to see Mary Poppins.  We also have tickets for three Cirque du Soleil shows – 2 in Vegas and 1 in Orlando which should be great if they are anything like the others we have seen in Vegas!

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